Lumiere Tintype

Neck bones, 2015

In 2013 I founded Lumiere Tintype, the world's only traveling tintype portrait studio. At Lumiere, I strive to make honest, haunting portraiture that enables people to reconnect with the lost alchemy of a handmade photograph. My work in the studio is simple; to capture a true likeness of a ordinary person. The magic of the wet collodion process causes this likeness to look very different from the usual photographs we see of ourselves.

These subtle differences are why we peer quietly into the fix tray as an image appears. They give us a glimpse of parallel worlds.


Living Photographs

Projected portrait, 2016

Is it possible for a photograph to be unceasing and eternal? Can a photograph contain true, lived time? What happens when no attempt is made to capture the image? What if, instead, we simply choose to see?

My 'Cathedral of Light', and 'Living photograph' series are attempts to address these questions. I am endlessly captivated by the ability of light, passing through an aperture, to reveal depth in our world that would otherwise remain unseen.


The Lumiere print club

Cliche verre print,  2017


The Lumiere print club is an on-going attempt to communicate visually to interested strangers all over the world, and entirely off-line. 

Each quarter I mail a shipment to a small group of subscribers. I send a print edition of my own work, a reproduction of a found photograph, and a selection of words and other curiosities. Each shipment represents a slice of time, and no two shipments are alike.

The print club is largely an extension of my work at Lumiere. It allows me to leave a breadcrumb trail of tangible, meaningful images. Given time, I hope that this collection of seemingly disconnected images will compound into a singular work that will be largely unknowable, stretched as it is across space and time.

Adrian Whipp,

Cedar Creek TX